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Optimised Print Service

We now have stunning software systems which will seriously save your time, reduce hassle and cut operating costs.  This is like outsourcing 100% of your printing and copying facilities giving you more time to run your business.  

Sirius' own suite of software includes "Sirius-Fleet" and cost management software “FollowMe” “Equitrac” or “PaperCut”. We offer a genuine and highly professional "Optimised Print Service". 

Usage levels are brought under control with reduced wastage, with departmental or client chargeback.  This means that we can now remotely check any device in the fleet we manage for you.  If your toners are running low, we just ship some to you; all you know is that you never run out, and everything runs amazingly smoothly! We can also monitor the remaining life of any parts, and replace them before they cause a service call, just brilliant! 

Security and accountability are also dramatically improved. There are many other money saving features that will potentially benefit your business, we can discuss which ones are best for you when we meet.

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Panasonic UK Choose Sirius

Panasonic UK have a large fleet of copier MFDs (Multi Functional Devices) both at their HQ in Bracknell and National Distribution Hub in Northampton.  Sirius have again been awarded this prestigious contract because of our professional support strategy and the knowledge that we always "go the extra mile".

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2014 "Lineup Of The Year" Again!

For the fourth consecutive year, Develop has won Buyers Laboratory (BLI’s) most coveted award—A3 MFP Line of the Year.

Once each year, Buyers Lab, the leading global provider of information and testing services to the digital imaging industry, acknowledges the vendors whose product lines are determined to be the best overall in their respective categories, based on the cumulative  results of  models tested in BLI’s rigorous two-month laboratory evaluation. 

By assessing reliability, image quality, ease of use, productivity and a range of other criteria, the tests reveal the products that deliver customers the best value and most trouble-free performance.  Also considered are the breadth of the vendor’s line and the vendor’s ability to provide quality products suitable to a broad spectrum of customer needs, from low-volume to high-volume.

 “The Develop line continues to impress, currently including 14 A3 “Pick” winners—more than any other MFP vendor,” said George Mikolay, senior product editor, A3/Copier MFPs.  Moreover, reliability—buyers’ number one concern—is a differentiator for Develop’s A3 product line across the board, both colour and black.  “It’s a remarkable achievement that among all 14 ‘Pick’ winners, not a single malfunction occurred,” said BLI Managing Editor Daria Hoffman, pointing out that the only service required was for routine scheduled preventive maintenance.  “When all currently tested A3 models are considered, Develop has the best reliability record of all eligible vendors, proving that it offers the quality buyers consider more important than any other.”

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