Why Lease?

A simple, cost effective way of spreading the costs of your equipment enabling you to invest in much needed technology your office requires, as and when rather than working around budgets or parting with a lump sum of money.

Relax with the knowledge that all of your payments are fixed.

Enjoy tax benefits by off setting 100% of your rental costs against the corporate tax liability of your company.

Please see example below.

Example of tax relief when leasing


Equipment Cost: £7,500

Lease Period: 3 & 5 Years

Payments: Quarterly

Companies Tax Rate: 20%

Sirius Digital Solutions Ltd are compliant under section 29 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) of the Finance Conduct Authority (FCA)

Unlike many of our competitors, we are authorised to provide leasing to regulated customers such as sole traders, charities and partnerships. These types of businesses are heavily monitored and due to the requirements by the FCA, many of our competitors have decided to move away from these types of businesses.

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