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Working From Home? 

We can help with your printing/copying & scanning requirements. 

Re-manufactured Printers & Multi-functional Systems Ideal For Your Home Office | All With Very Low Running Costs

Prior to being remanufactured, all options and features are tested

Covers removed, cleaned as required

Toner and dust removed from unit using air pressure


Solenoids, swing plates, gears, pickup assemblies inspected/replaced if needed

Rest of interior unit inspected and cleaned

Pickup/feed rollers replaced

Transfer roller and transfer belts replaced

Fuser unit rebuilt

All painted covers inspected before rebuilding begins

All individual options are then tested independently

Unit is fully tested, including all trays and MP trays

Firmware is updated

Page Count reset to zero*

All serial number labels on covers matched to configuration page serial number

Each unit is properly packed and a power cord is included

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