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Why pay a standard cost per colour page when all you are printing/copying is your company logo, or a similar document with low color coverage.

Sirius can offer you the revolutionary new, 3-tiered billing solution through Toshiba, Utax and Xerox products, whereby you are only charged a fraction of the cost of normal colour documents.

Contact us to find out how much money you can save using this brand new option.

Available from only 1.8p per copy/print.
The Traditional Method

Most models only have 2 meters, one for colour and one for mono. Customers are therefore charged a fixed rate for colour and a fixed rate for mono documents. When you print a document, the equipment will auto detect if ANY colour is used and will trigger the colour meter by 1 unit per A4 page produced. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small colour dot or a full colour photo, you will be charged the standard colour rate. 


This means that companies with generally low to medium colour coverage usage pay a premium for their document production.

The 3 Tier Structure

By using one of our new 3 tier systems you can take advantage of a 3rd custom set meter. This means that we can give you a tailored cost per page for mono documents that include a small amount of colour (for example, a letter featuring your companies logo) for a fraction of the cost compared to the standard colour rate. 


Colour coverage can be monitored in increments of 0.1% ensuring we can accurately measure and implement your custom usage profile.