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A Complete Guide to Copier Jargon

Terms used in the industry explained...

We understand that some of the terms and abbreviations used in the photocopier industry can seem like another language. To help with this, please see below for a list explaining each of them.

ADF > Automatic Document Feeder

Thie feature enables users to scan a stack of documents that the machine feeds through one after another, rather than manually having to place each page in the scanner.

ARDF > Automatic Reverse Document Feeder

See ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). A document feeder that is able to scan both sides of a page.

BYOD > Bring Your Own Device

This means a copier or printer is enabled for you to be able to print straight from your own phone or tablet device.

CPC/CPP > Cost Per Copy/Cost Per Print

When an all inclusive service contract is in place, you pay for your usage per copy or print.

CPM > Copies Per Minute

This indicates the number of pages the equipment can copy per minute.

Duplex > Double sided printing/copying/scanning

A process of printing, copying and scanning a document on both sides.

HDD > Hard Disk Drive

This feature enables additional memory for your machine allowing larger jobs to be stored and printed.

IPM > Images Per Minute

This indicates the number of images the equipment can scan per minute.

Copier jargon explained
MFP/MFD > Multi-Functional Printer/Multi-Functional Device

A term used for a printer or photocopier that performs more than one function, for example printing, copying, scanning and faxing.

Mono/B&W > Black and White

This means your copier or printer is only able to print and copy in black ink and not in colour. However, some mono models do offer colour scanning.

OCR > Optical Character Recognition 

This is an electronic conversion process where a physical print can be converted into an editable file such as Word or Excel. Converted documents can be easily stored and retrieved making it an ideal solution for administrative departments.

PPM > Pages Per Minute

This indicates the number of pages the equipment can print per minute.

SRA3 > Paper size (320 x 450mm)

SRA3 is a slightly larger paper size than standard A3. This allows for a small border to be added to each document so that after printing it can be cut down to A3 size, leaving you with a document that has print right up to the edge of the paper.

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