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ineo 364e

Dynamic Balance.

ineo 364e
ineo 364e
ineo 364e
Control Panel

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ineo 364e

SRA3 Paper Size
Mono Photocopier
36 PPM Print Speed
Optional Fax
An easy to use, high quality, high output machine equipped with all the essential functions making it ideal for any office setting.

Dual scan document feeder (100 sheets), Duplex document feeder (100 sheets), Original cover, Inner finisher (max. 500 sheets) and optional punch kit, Floortype finisher (max. 3.200 sheets + 100 sheets via inner tray) and optional punch kit, Floortype finisher (max. 2,200-sheets + 100 sheets via inner tray capacity) and optional punch kit, Job separator (max 200 (150/50) sheet capacity), Paper feed cabinet (500 sheets), Paper feed cabinet (2 x 500 sheets), Large capacity tray for 2,500 sheets (A4), Copy desk, 10-key pad, Banner tray, Working table, Fax unit, Security kit, Keyboard holder, USB interface kit, USB interface kit with bluetooth, Biometric authentication kit, Miscellaneous card solutions, Mounting kit for card reader, Sender stamp kit for documents, i-Option (additional functions), WLAN adapter, Kit for Android remote control, store+find software, convert+share software.

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