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ineo+ 3850

Dynamic Balance.

ineo+ 3850
ineo+ 3850
ineo+ 3850
Control Panel

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ineo+ 3850

A4 Paper Size
Colour Photocopier
38 PPM Print Speed
Optional Fax
Professional and intuative this small but powerful machine offers copy, print, scan and optional fax functions making it the perfect all rounder for any small to medium office setting.

Paper tray, Copier desk, Off-line stapler, 10-key pad, Working table, Fax board, Interface cable for CSRC modem, ID card reader, V3 Web browser, Barcode fonts, Unicode fonts, OCR A and B fonts, ThinPrint® client, Fax mount kit, Mount kit for ID card reader, Mount kit for Wireless LAN, Wireless LAN, 1 GB memory extension, Air cleaning unit, store+find software, convert+share software

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